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We offer an efficient, reliable quality pump for refrigeration plants. Ammonia pumps ensure a safe and controlled way of pumping refrigerants.

Ammonia pump


We offer Process Chillers for medical, pharmaceutical industries, Food Processing and varied industrial applications like plastic mould cooling, printing and lamination processes. These chillers incorporate microprocessor-based controls which offer intelligent cooling and are energy efficient apart from being extremely compact with a small footprint.



We provide energy efficient, sustainable and smart refrigeration compressors for a varied range of commercial applications such as cold rooms, Food Processing units, Ice making machines, Milk Plants, Meat Plants, Chemical Plants & Process cooling etc. Their qualification with lower GWP refrigerants makes them compliant with refrigerant regulations such as F-Gas in Europe.



We offer various condensers to reject heat from mechanical refrigeration system. The Evaporative condenser is a combination of a water-cooled condenser and an air-cooled condenser. Coils are constructed using heavy Stainless-Steel pipes to provide maximum efficiency.



Our products are suitable and meeting the requirement for various industries regularly like Steel plants, sponge iron -Power plants, Stone Crushers ,Solvent plants, Pulp and Paper industries, Mines, Fertilizers and Chemical plants, Sugar Industry, Coal Benefication Plant, Coal Handling Plants.

Conveyor Belts


we offer to customers include food processing machinery, Sorting & Grading Machinery, material handling Equipment, Fruits & Vegetable Washer, Dicer, Slicer & many more.

Food Processing